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Cụm từ tiếng Anh chỉ người tốt, người xấu


Từ chỉ người tốt

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke/person : Anh ấy (cô ấy) đáng được hưởng điều đó

Ex:  Ed just got promoted to the director board. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke

Guardian angel: thiên thần hộ mệnh (chỉ ai đó giúp người khác khi ng ấy cần nhất)

A knight in shining armour: cũng mang nghĩa như “guardian angel”, ngoài ra nó còn được hiểu như là “hoàng tử bạch mã” ở tiếng Việt

Ex:  When we went to Cuba on the very first day of our trip , somebody stole our suitcase that contained everything: money, passport,  important document. We were very desperate as we couldn’t speak Spanish. Suddenly this knight in shining armour appeared and all our problems were solved in less than a day.

To have a heart of gold: (chỉ ai đó) có tấm lòng tốt

Ex: She’s always doing volunteer work to help poor people. She does have a heart of gold.

One’s heart is in the right place: (chỉ ai đó) có tấm lòng tốt

Ex: I don’t know why she took that decision but I believe that her heart is in the right place. There must be some good reasons that urged her to do so.

(to be) a real catch: (chỉ ai đó) có mọi thứ mà người khác muốn. Cụm này có từ nghề đánh cá, chỉ nhưng mẻ cá câu được rất nhiều con 1 lần.

Ex: John has everything others wish for : a big house with swimming pool, nice car, a stable job at Deloitte. He is a real catch

The salt of the earth: (chỉ người nào đó) có đức tính tốt. Ví dụ như là hào phóng, tốt bụng…

Ex: This is a photo of Christina. She is a wonderful person, the salt of the earth

Từ chỉ người xấu

Be bad news: chỉ ai đó hoặc cái gì đó mà ta nên tránh thì tốt hơn

Ex: I would never go with her. She’s bad news

A fair-weather friend: chỉ người bạn tồi. Những người mà chỉ là bạn khi ta thành công

Ex: I knew it before-hand that she is just a fair-weather friend who now has completely abandoned us when things suddenly went wrong.

His bark is worse than his bite: “Chó sủa chó không cắn”

(give someone) A kick in the teeth: chỉ việc muốn dạy cho ai đó bài học. (ở tiếng Anh người ta “dạy ai đó bài học” bằng cách đấm vào răng)

Ex: I don’t think we need to reason with him anymore. He won’t listen to anything we say. What he needs is just a kick in the teeth

(to be) a pain in the neck/ass: (chỉ cái gì đó) làm người khác hay bực mình

Ex: Having to read all of this long and boring novel is really a pain in the neck

It takes all sorts to make a world: Đời này có nhiều loại người mà

Ex: -Several customers of this hotel are very unpleasant. They complain all the time

-it takes all sorts, doesn’t it?

He thinks he is God’s gift to women: Anh ấy nghĩ cô gái nào cũng anh ấy

Ex: I’ve gone to visit John yesterday and I couldn’t believe how he has changed. He was talking about beautiful girls he had in recent years.  He thinks he is God’s gift to women. John has changed a lot indeed.

He thinks the world owes him a living: Anh ấy nghĩ anh ấy giỏi hơn bất kỳ ai khác (trong nghề nghiệp)

Ex: the last candidate for this position is very arrogant. He thinks the world owes him a living. I think we shouldn’t employ him.

(all) sweetness and light: dung để chỉ ai đó tốt bụng quá mức mà có thể dẫn đến nghi ngờ.

Ex: She has been beaten and insulted by her boyfriend Jack and now when Jack asks her to come back she agrees right away.  It’s all sweetness and light