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Cụm từ tiếng Anh được sử dụng khi nói về tình yêu, vấn đề, sự thay đổi, quyết định


Be seeing anyone / be dating SO: đang hẹn hò ai đó

  • VD : He is dating Mary and at the same time seeing Jane. What a two faced jerk!

To make a play for / to hit on / to try it on: tán tỉnh ai đó

  •  VD : Some guy hit on me when I was standing at the bar.

Go steady with someone: có mối quan hệ vững vàng với ai đó

  •  VD : Their relationship has been going for 5 years now. They really go steady with each other.

Be made for each other : có tiền duyên với ai

  •  VD : Paul and Ann were made for each other.

Beat on SB / fool around / play around: lừa đảo ai

  •  VD : He wasn’t serious in this relationship. He was just fooling around with her.

Break up /split up : chia tay

  •  VD : They aren’t with each other anymore. They have already broke up.

Go your own ways : mỗi người một đường

  •  VD : They are thinking about divorce and going their own ways.

Drop/ ditch SO: bỏ ai đó

  •  VD : Did you know that Sarah has ditched her boyfriend?

To let go : để mọi chuyện vào quá khứ

  •  VD : I think it’s best we let go our argument yesterday and make peach with each other.

Have no strings (attached)  :không có ràng buộc tình cảm với ai

  •  VD : They are just together for sexual pleasure. No strings attached.

Be on the lookout : đang tìm đối tượng

  •  VD : He’s on the lookout for another girl right now. He already split up with his old girlfriend.

Do an about-face/ about-turn :có thay đổi lớn

  •  VD : I’d only gone a little way down the street when I remembered I hadn’t locked the door, so I made/did a quick about-turn.

To chicken out :không dám làm gì đó

  •  VD : My friends told me to try skiing next week. But I chicken out.

Jump at the chance: chớp cơ hội

  •  VD : Accidentally my phone fell out of my pocket. A passenger just jumped at the chance to pick it up and take it away from me.

Be up for it: luôn sẵn sàng làm gì đó

  •  VD :  you want to eat at KFC for dinner? I’m up for it.

To weather the storm / step up to the plate: chiuh trách nhiệm

  •  VD : That was totally his fault. He needs to step up to the place about that now.

To go through a rough patch : gặp phải vẫn đề

Hit an obstacle rock : gặp khó khăn

  •  VD : His car his an obstacle rock

Be more trouble than it’s worth :Nhiều khó khăn hơn là những gì nó đáng giá

  •  VD : Being in a relationship with a famous person is more trouble than it’s worth

Not for the faint-hearted: không dành cho người yếu tim

  •  VD : Paranormal activities is the film that is completely not for the faint-hearted

Screw things up: làm đổ vỡ / phá tung mọi chuyện

  •  VD : Everything was perfect until he screwed things up

Be up shit creek : trong tình thế khó khăn

  •  VD : If more people still want to resign, our company will be up the creek.

Run into a problem/a snag: gặp phải vẫn đề

  •  VD : His system runs into a snag when the boss had the car accident.

As chance would have it: Thật tình cờ…

  •  VD : As chance would have it, I met him at the supermarket after 10 years of losing contact.

Don’t tempt fate / don’t push your luck: Đừng có thử vận may

  •  VD : You’re probably going to fail the test. Don’t try to tempt fate

Famous last words: Nói trong trường hợp ai đó có nói những thứ quá sớm nên sai lầm

  •  VD: I told him categorically that we could never be anything more than friends. Famous last words! Within a few months we were engaged.

We’ll live to regret that: Rồi chúng ra sẽ phải ân hận

  •  VD : Sending grandma to the nursing house is a wrong decision. We’ll live to regret that!

Bide one’s time : Chờ thời cơ

  •  VD :  He bides his time for the best bargain of the phone.

Hang fire: Phanh việc gì lại (UK)

  •  VD : Ideally we should need to settle the matter as soon as possible. However I think we should hang fire until the situation becomes better

knuckle down :Cố sức

  •  VD : The test is coming in 2 days. He really needs to knuckle down to studying

Let’s go for it : Hãy bất đầu làm thôi

  •  VD :  You want us to try this dual singing contest? Let’s go for it.

To play by ear: Cố doán

  •  VD : As our schedule doesn’t sync with each other, I guess we’ll have to play by ear tomorrow to see if we had any chance to talk

Seize the day: chớp lấy thời cơ của hiện tại

  • VD : There’s no time like present. Seize the day!

Cụm từ tiếng Anh được sử dụng khi nói về chất lượng, khen chê, khả năng, sự vội vàng


Be custom-made / custom-built /tailor-made: để chỉ cái gì đó được làm theo số đo

  •  VD : It seems to me that you’re tailor made for the job

Be made / built to last: có khả năng chỗng chịu tôt

  •  VD : This Roland piano is really made to last with such high quality material.

Be rough and ready: chất lượng tầm thấp

  •  VD : He doesn’t have a lot of time to look for accomodation. He just stays in that rough and ready flat near his office.

Give the credit when it’s due: khen khi ai đó đáng được khen

  •  VD: You haven’t done anything admirable yet. I’ll give the credit when it’s due instead of praising you so soon.

It’s no less than you deserve: Bạn xứng đáng nhận được điều đó

  •  VD : You have worked to hard to become a manager. It’s no less than you deserve.

Way to go! Rất tốt!

  •  VD: What? You win the singing contest? Way to go buddy 🙂

There’s room for improvement: Vẫn còn có cái để cải thiện

  •  VD : The system is still defective. There’s room for improvement here

That’s not good enough: Chưa tốt lắm

What a load of crap: Toàn thứ linh tinh!


In all likelihood: Cái chắc chắn nhất là

  •  VD : In all likelihood, he will go regardless of your decision.

It stands to reason: Điều lô-gic là

  •  It stands to reason why he doesn’t lose weight. He never exercises.

Just in case: để đề phòng

  •  VD : It hasn’t rained yet, but I’ll take the umbrella just in case

The odds are: Điều chắc chắn là

  •  VD : The odds are your house will be broken in if you don’t lock the door.

It’s a dead certain: cái này chắc chắn rồi (UK)

  •  VD : She’s dead cert for the job, for all the experience she got.

the oddson favourite: là thứ có khả năng cao nhất

  •  VD : The odds-on favourite to win this tennis game is Daniel.

I/sb saw it coming: Tôi đã thấy nó đến

  •  VD : No one expects the factory to close. But I saw it coming

It comes as no surprise to sb: Không có gì là bất ngờ cả

  •  VD : It comes as no surprise to me as she became such a famous singer. She has such a wonderful voice.

No surprise there: Không có gì là bất ngờ cả

  •  VD : She failed the test. No surprise there because she didn’t study anything at all.

Not by a long shot: Không có khả năng  xảy ra

  •  VD : You think I’m going to lend you money again? Think again! I’m not doing thí by a long shot

Be bound to happen / be set to happen: Sẽ sảy ra

  •  VD : The weather suddenly turns cool and windy. A storm is bound to happen

Be a forgone conclusion: 1 điều đã được kết luận trước

  •  VD : She has been delaying paying the rent for 2 months now. Her being forced out of the room is only a foregone conclusion.

Cut it fine: chỉ có thời gian vừa đủ để làm gì đó

  •  VD : She arrived only 5 minutes before the test. She just cut it fine!

Jump the gun: quá vội vàng

  •  VD : We’re just met. Don’t you think you are jumping the gun to be talking about marriage now?

Time’s up!: Đã hết thời gian

All time in the world: Có thừa thời gian

  •  VD : She always seems to have all time in the world. Such a lazy person!

For long as it takes/ take your time: làm đến bao lâu cũng được

  • VD : Take your time using the computer. I don’t need it now.

Những cụm trong tiếng Anh hay được sử dụng khi thuyết phục, đặt điều kiện, xin lỗi, nói thẳng cho ai đó.


Come round to ST : dần dần chấp nhận điều gì đó

  •  VD : Do you still hate your work, or have you come round to thinking it’s ok?


There you go: dùng để nói trong tình huống bạn không thể thay đổi việc gì đó mà phải chấp nhận nó

  • VD : We didn’t like his new refridgerator, but there you go, it’s really useful



Talk something into ST / bring someone around: cố gắng thuyết phục ai

  •  He initially doesn’t want to see that movie, but his girlfriend managed to talk him into going with her.


Does that work for you?: Cái này được không?/ việc này bạn ok không?

  • I would like to give you free food if you work extra hours. Does that work for you?



Do you get me? Do you get my point?: Bạn có hiểu ý tôi không?


Don’t get me wrong : Đừng hiểu nhầm nhé

  •  VD: I didn’t help your mom with the kitchen, but don’t get me wrong, I’m just terrible when it comes to cooking.

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I hate to say this, but…: Tôi ghét phải nói ra điều này, nhưng…

  •  VD : I hate to say this, but I disagree with your opinion

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If I were in your shoes: Nếu tôi mà ở trong trường hợp của ông

  •  VD : If I were in your shoes, I would not travel to Afganistan.


I’ve been meaning to talk to you: Tôi đã rất muốn nói chuyện với bạn


Not to take no for an answer: “không” không phải là 1 câu trả lời

  •  The salesman wouldn’t take no for an answer


Easy for you to say that: Nói thì dễ rồi

  •  You can learn to play guitar in 2 weeks? Easy for you to say that!


Spare me the details: đi thẳng vào vẫn đề đi!

  •  VD : Spare me the details of the test result! Tell me did I pass?


I tell you what: Bạn biết gì không?


I’ve been doing some thinking/I was wondering : Tôi đang nghĩ

thinking man

Like it or lump it / take it or leave it: Thích thì lấy không thích thì thôi

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Be that as it may: dù gì đi chăng nữa

  •  VD : Building a new bridge will cost a lot of money, but be that as it may, it can help easing out the traffic.

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How come…? :Làm sao mà….?


Let’s put out differences on one side: Chúng mình hày quên chuyện cũ đi thôi


Bear/ hold a grudge against ST: hận thù ai đó

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Anything goes: cái gì cũng được


At the end of the day: và cuối cùng thì


Enough said: nói thế đủ rồi

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When all’s said and done: Khi mọi chuyện đã qua/ khi mọi chuyện đã được thỏa thuận

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To get down to brass task/To get to the pointĐi thẳng vào việc chính


God forbids/ Heaven forbids


Cụm từ này được sử dụng khi bạn mong muốn điều gì đó không xảy ra. Như là bạn muốn Chúa làm cách nào đó để ngăn chặn điều gì đó xảy ra vậy.

  • VD :God forbids I fail the test today. It has been the 3rd time that I took the test!


  • VD: Heaven forbids that she does anything crazy in the meeting today!


A pain in the neck/ ass/ backside


Khi bạn bị đau đầu, bạn nói “I have a pain in the head”. Cũng như vậy khi đau lưng bạn nói “ I have a pain in the back/ I have a back pain”. Nhưng mà khi bạn bị đau cổ ( neck ), hay đau mông ( ass, backside ), bạn hãy cẩn thận hơn khi diễn đạt nhé! Tại vì trong tiếng anh, cụm từ “give somebody a pain in the neck/ ass/ backside” mang nghĩa là gây ra điểu phiền toái cho người khác, quấy rầy, chọc tức người khác đó!

  • VD : The kid’s a real pain in the neck. She won’t stop crying until her mom buys her that ice-cream.


Sb’s bark is worse than their bite


Khi bạn nghe ai đó nói “ his bark is worse than his bite” hoặc “her bark is worse then her bite”, bạn cẩn thận đừng nghĩ người đó đang nói đến động vật nhé ! Nghĩa của cụm này để chỉ những người mà có những lời nói quát tháo thế thôi, nhưng thực ra họ không nguy hiểm và tâm địa không có gì ác độc cả

  • VD : Don’t let your boss frighten you. His bark is worse than his bite!


Fair-weather friend


Fair weather ai cũng biết dùng để chỉ thời tiết tốt. Nhưng khi cộng với “friend” ở đằng sau, fair-weather friend mang nghĩa để chỉ nhừng người mà chỉ là bạn tốt của người khác khi người khác đó mang lại lợi ích nào đó cho họ, còn nếu không thì họ sẽ không trở thành bạn tốt với người đó nữa. Họ chỉ là bạn tốt khi thời tiết tốt chăng? Hai điều này có liên quan không nhỉ? J

VD : He only treats his wife well when she’s nice to him. However when she has problem, he always stays away. He’s really a fair-weather friend to her, not a husband!

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