Khi nào dùng “make”, khi nào dùng “do”


You make…
-tea .
-a hole.
-a noise.
-a promise.
-a film .
-a TV programme.
-a mess.
-people laugh .
– a call.
-a donation.
-a trip.
-a journey .
-a decision.
-an effort.
-a mistake.
-an error.
-a request.
-an offer.
-a start.
-a suggestion.
-good time .
-room .
-a combination.
-a circle.
-a profit.
-a loss.
-people happy/sad.
-yourself understood
-a fortune.
-a proposal.
-a guess.
-love .
-the most of it.
-a promise.
-a threat.
-a cake.
-a speech.
-fun of someone.
-an experiment.
-the beds.
-use of something.
-an agreement.
-a list .
-a bet.
-a plan.

Youdo. .
-your homework.
-The shopping.
-the ironing .
-your military service.
-a university degree.
-The dishes.
-the silver.
-the flowers.
-your hair.
-The cooking.
-the washing.
-The painting.
-the papering.
-some writing.
-a painting.
-a sketch.
-a translation.
-30 miles an hour.
-time in prison.
-away with someone.
-the catering.
-a puzzle.
-a lesson.
-your best.
-an exercise.
-your duty.


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