Thành ngữ với từ “eye”


An eye for an eye = vengeance.

As far as the eye can see = as far as one can see.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach = you can’t eat all that.

With the naked eye = with the eye alone.

I can’t believe my eyes = it’ s difficult to believe.

he’s up to his eyes in something = he is very involved in it .

he was eyeing the girl up = he was looking at her laciviously .

to see eye to eye with somebody = to agree with somebody.

To have eyes only for someone = to look only at one person.

To keep one’s eyes peeled = to be very attentive.

To have eyes on the back of one’s head = to see everything.

To have an eye for something = to be good at something.

To get an eyeful of something = to have a good look at something.

To eye somebody up and down = to examine someone closely.

To clos eone’s eyes to something = to ignore something.

To set/lay eyes on something = to look at something with interest.


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