Cụm từ tiếng Anh được sử dụng khi nói về tình yêu, vấn đề, sự thay đổi, quyết định


Be seeing anyone / be dating SO: đang hẹn hò ai đó

  • VD : He is dating Mary and at the same time seeing Jane. What a two faced jerk!

To make a play for / to hit on / to try it on: tán tỉnh ai đó

  •  VD : Some guy hit on me when I was standing at the bar.

Go steady with someone: có mối quan hệ vững vàng với ai đó

  •  VD : Their relationship has been going for 5 years now. They really go steady with each other.

Be made for each other : có tiền duyên với ai

  •  VD : Paul and Ann were made for each other.

Beat on SB / fool around / play around: lừa đảo ai

  •  VD : He wasn’t serious in this relationship. He was just fooling around with her.

Break up /split up : chia tay

  •  VD : They aren’t with each other anymore. They have already broke up.

Go your own ways : mỗi người một đường

  •  VD : They are thinking about divorce and going their own ways.

Drop/ ditch SO: bỏ ai đó

  •  VD : Did you know that Sarah has ditched her boyfriend?

To let go : để mọi chuyện vào quá khứ

  •  VD : I think it’s best we let go our argument yesterday and make peach with each other.

Have no strings (attached)  :không có ràng buộc tình cảm với ai

  •  VD : They are just together for sexual pleasure. No strings attached.

Be on the lookout : đang tìm đối tượng

  •  VD : He’s on the lookout for another girl right now. He already split up with his old girlfriend.

Do an about-face/ about-turn :có thay đổi lớn

  •  VD : I’d only gone a little way down the street when I remembered I hadn’t locked the door, so I made/did a quick about-turn.

To chicken out :không dám làm gì đó

  •  VD : My friends told me to try skiing next week. But I chicken out.

Jump at the chance: chớp cơ hội

  •  VD : Accidentally my phone fell out of my pocket. A passenger just jumped at the chance to pick it up and take it away from me.

Be up for it: luôn sẵn sàng làm gì đó

  •  VD :  you want to eat at KFC for dinner? I’m up for it.

To weather the storm / step up to the plate: chiuh trách nhiệm

  •  VD : That was totally his fault. He needs to step up to the place about that now.

To go through a rough patch : gặp phải vẫn đề

Hit an obstacle rock : gặp khó khăn

  •  VD : His car his an obstacle rock

Be more trouble than it’s worth :Nhiều khó khăn hơn là những gì nó đáng giá

  •  VD : Being in a relationship with a famous person is more trouble than it’s worth

Not for the faint-hearted: không dành cho người yếu tim

  •  VD : Paranormal activities is the film that is completely not for the faint-hearted

Screw things up: làm đổ vỡ / phá tung mọi chuyện

  •  VD : Everything was perfect until he screwed things up

Be up shit creek : trong tình thế khó khăn

  •  VD : If more people still want to resign, our company will be up the creek.

Run into a problem/a snag: gặp phải vẫn đề

  •  VD : His system runs into a snag when the boss had the car accident.

As chance would have it: Thật tình cờ…

  •  VD : As chance would have it, I met him at the supermarket after 10 years of losing contact.

Don’t tempt fate / don’t push your luck: Đừng có thử vận may

  •  VD : You’re probably going to fail the test. Don’t try to tempt fate

Famous last words: Nói trong trường hợp ai đó có nói những thứ quá sớm nên sai lầm

  •  VD: I told him categorically that we could never be anything more than friends. Famous last words! Within a few months we were engaged.

We’ll live to regret that: Rồi chúng ra sẽ phải ân hận

  •  VD : Sending grandma to the nursing house is a wrong decision. We’ll live to regret that!

Bide one’s time : Chờ thời cơ

  •  VD :  He bides his time for the best bargain of the phone.

Hang fire: Phanh việc gì lại (UK)

  •  VD : Ideally we should need to settle the matter as soon as possible. However I think we should hang fire until the situation becomes better

knuckle down :Cố sức

  •  VD : The test is coming in 2 days. He really needs to knuckle down to studying

Let’s go for it : Hãy bất đầu làm thôi

  •  VD :  You want us to try this dual singing contest? Let’s go for it.

To play by ear: Cố doán

  •  VD : As our schedule doesn’t sync with each other, I guess we’ll have to play by ear tomorrow to see if we had any chance to talk

Seize the day: chớp lấy thời cơ của hiện tại

  • VD : There’s no time like present. Seize the day!

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  1. Don’t tempt fate / don’t push your luck: Đừng có thử vận may

    VD : You’re probably going to fail the test. Don’t try to tempt fate

    Em thích câu này…!! .:))

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