Tổng hợp các bài viết mẫu ielts 8.5


Tổng hợp các bài viết mẫu ielts writing task 1 + 2.
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Giải đề thì ielts chính thức ở Việt Nam

Chúc các bạn học tốt!


Thành ngữ với từ “eye”


An eye for an eye = vengeance.

As far as the eye can see = as far as one can see.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach = you can’t eat all that.

With the naked eye = with the eye alone.

I can’t believe my eyes = it’ s difficult to believe.

he’s up to his eyes in something = he is very involved in it .

he was eyeing the girl up = he was looking at her laciviously .

to see eye to eye with somebody = to agree with somebody.

To have eyes only for someone = to look only at one person.

To keep one’s eyes peeled = to be very attentive.

To have eyes on the back of one’s head = to see everything.

To have an eye for something = to be good at something.

To get an eyeful of something = to have a good look at something.

To eye somebody up and down = to examine someone closely.

To clos eone’s eyes to something = to ignore something.

To set/lay eyes on something = to look at something with interest.

Cụm từ tiếng Anh chỉ người tốt, người xấu


Từ chỉ người tốt

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke/person : Anh ấy (cô ấy) đáng được hưởng điều đó

Ex:  Ed just got promoted to the director board. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke

Guardian angel: thiên thần hộ mệnh (chỉ ai đó giúp người khác khi ng ấy cần nhất)

A knight in shining armour: cũng mang nghĩa như “guardian angel”, ngoài ra nó còn được hiểu như là “hoàng tử bạch mã” ở tiếng Việt

Ex:  When we went to Cuba on the very first day of our trip , somebody stole our suitcase that contained everything: money, passport,  important document. We were very desperate as we couldn’t speak Spanish. Suddenly this knight in shining armour appeared and all our problems were solved in less than a day.

To have a heart of gold: (chỉ ai đó) có tấm lòng tốt

Ex: She’s always doing volunteer work to help poor people. She does have a heart of gold.

One’s heart is in the right place: (chỉ ai đó) có tấm lòng tốt

Ex: I don’t know why she took that decision but I believe that her heart is in the right place. There must be some good reasons that urged her to do so.

(to be) a real catch: (chỉ ai đó) có mọi thứ mà người khác muốn. Cụm này có từ nghề đánh cá, chỉ nhưng mẻ cá câu được rất nhiều con 1 lần.

Ex: John has everything others wish for : a big house with swimming pool, nice car, a stable job at Deloitte. He is a real catch

The salt of the earth: (chỉ người nào đó) có đức tính tốt. Ví dụ như là hào phóng, tốt bụng…

Ex: This is a photo of Christina. She is a wonderful person, the salt of the earth

Từ chỉ người xấu

Be bad news: chỉ ai đó hoặc cái gì đó mà ta nên tránh thì tốt hơn

Ex: I would never go with her. She’s bad news

A fair-weather friend: chỉ người bạn tồi. Những người mà chỉ là bạn khi ta thành công

Ex: I knew it before-hand that she is just a fair-weather friend who now has completely abandoned us when things suddenly went wrong.

His bark is worse than his bite: “Chó sủa chó không cắn”

(give someone) A kick in the teeth: chỉ việc muốn dạy cho ai đó bài học. (ở tiếng Anh người ta “dạy ai đó bài học” bằng cách đấm vào răng)

Ex: I don’t think we need to reason with him anymore. He won’t listen to anything we say. What he needs is just a kick in the teeth

(to be) a pain in the neck/ass: (chỉ cái gì đó) làm người khác hay bực mình

Ex: Having to read all of this long and boring novel is really a pain in the neck

It takes all sorts to make a world: Đời này có nhiều loại người mà

Ex: -Several customers of this hotel are very unpleasant. They complain all the time

-it takes all sorts, doesn’t it?

He thinks he is God’s gift to women: Anh ấy nghĩ cô gái nào cũng anh ấy

Ex: I’ve gone to visit John yesterday and I couldn’t believe how he has changed. He was talking about beautiful girls he had in recent years.  He thinks he is God’s gift to women. John has changed a lot indeed.

He thinks the world owes him a living: Anh ấy nghĩ anh ấy giỏi hơn bất kỳ ai khác (trong nghề nghiệp)

Ex: the last candidate for this position is very arrogant. He thinks the world owes him a living. I think we shouldn’t employ him.

(all) sweetness and light: dung để chỉ ai đó tốt bụng quá mức mà có thể dẫn đến nghi ngờ.

Ex: She has been beaten and insulted by her boyfriend Jack and now when Jack asks her to come back she agrees right away.  It’s all sweetness and light

Khi nào dùng “make”, khi nào dùng “do”


You make…
-tea .
-a hole.
-a noise.
-a promise.
-a film .
-a TV programme.
-a mess.
-people laugh .
– a call.
-a donation.
-a trip.
-a journey .
-a decision.
-an effort.
-a mistake.
-an error.
-a request.
-an offer.
-a start.
-a suggestion.
-good time .
-room .
-a combination.
-a circle.
-a profit.
-a loss.
-people happy/sad.
-yourself understood
-a fortune.
-a proposal.
-a guess.
-love .
-the most of it.
-a promise.
-a threat.
-a cake.
-a speech.
-fun of someone.
-an experiment.
-the beds.
-use of something.
-an agreement.
-a list .
-a bet.
-a plan.

Youdo. .
-your homework.
-The shopping.
-the ironing .
-your military service.
-a university degree.
-The dishes.
-the silver.
-the flowers.
-your hair.
-The cooking.
-the washing.
-The painting.
-the papering.
-some writing.
-a painting.
-a sketch.
-a translation.
-30 miles an hour.
-time in prison.
-away with someone.
-the catering.
-a puzzle.
-a lesson.
-your best.
-an exercise.
-your duty.

Diễn tả nghề nghiệp bằng tiếng Anh


  1. Agent…… represents a firm.
    Astronomer…………..looks at the stars.
    Banker………runs a bank.
    Barber……….shaves your beard.
    Blacksmith………..fixes horseshoes.
    Brewer…………makes beer.
    Cabinet-maker…….makes furniture.
    Carpenter………..works with wood.
    Civil servant….works for the government.
    Clerk…………works in an office.
    Composer…………writes music.
    Consul…………… issues your passport.
    Cook……….cooks the food.
    Diplomat…………..deals in politics.
    Dentist…………..looks after your teeth.
    Doctor………….looks after your health.
    Editor……….corrects texts.
    Electrician…………fixes your electric light .
    Engineer…………..builds bridges.
    Flyer…………….flies through the air.
    Gardener………..tends the garden.
    Glazier……..mends broken windows.
    Hairdresser……….cuts your hair.
    Historian…….knows all about history.
    Journalist……writes for newspapers.
    Judge………decides legal questions.
    Lawyer……..knows all about legal matters.
    Librarian…….looks after books.
    Manicurist……trims your nails.
    Manufacturer.. .makes things in a factory.
    Mason……..makes things with stone.
    Mathematician……..knows all about mathematics.
    Miner………digs coal out of the earth.
    Musician…….plays an instrument.
    Nurse………looks after the sick.
    Painter……..paints pictures.
    Peasant…….ploughs the earth.
    Philosopher….makes profound remarks.
    Plumber…….mends the water system.
    Poet……….writes verse.
    Porter………carries suitcases
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