Substitutions for Completely


Completely: in every way or as much as possible:

I agree with you completely.

She’s completely mad.

He’d completely changed – I didn’t recognize him.

Powerful substitutions:

  • Clean: complete

It’s better for both of us if we make a clean break (of it) (= end our relationship completely).

Sara says she needs a clean break with the past.

The new prime minister is expected to make a clean sweep (= a complete change)of the government.

  • Unconditional : completely and not limited in any way

The unconditional love that one has for one’s child

Unconditional surrender

  • Fully: as much as possible

Kate has always participated fully in the life of the school

Students are advised to answer all questions as fully as possible

  • Entirely : completely

I admit it was entirely my fault

The company is run almost entirely by middle aged men

  • Absolutely: completely

I trust him absolutely

You must be absolutely silent or the birds won’t appear

We’ve achived absolutely nothing today

  • Comprehensively : completely

A comprehensively illustrated book

The plan was comprehensively rejected

  • Conclusively :without any doubt:

It’s impossible to demonstrate conslusively that the factory is responsible for the pollution

  • Exhaustive: complete and including everything:

An exhaustive study/report

The survey was exhaustively documented

  • Implicit : complete and without any doubt:

Implicit trust

All her life she had implicit faith in socialism

  • Thoroughly : in a detailed and careful way:

We went through a report thoroughly but the information we wanted wasn’t given anywhere.

  • Unmitigated: Complete, often describing something bad or unsuccessful that has no good or positive points

The whole venture  has been an unmitigated disaster.

  • Unequivocal: total, or expressed in a clear and certain way

The prime minister, he said, had the party’s unequivocal support.

The church has been unequivocal in its condemnation of violence


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