Âm thanh của loài vật



Horses neigh.

Pigs oink or grunt or squeal.

Snakes hiss.

Hens cluck/cackle

Elephants trumpet

Dogs bark /whine /growl

Geese cackle/hiss

Frogs croak

Owls hoot

Hounds bay

Monkeys chatter

Bees hum

Donkeys bray

Doves, pigeons coo

Turkeys gobble

Crows caw

Wolves howl

Sparrows chirp

Birds – chirrup, chirp, twitter, tweet, sing, whistle

Giraffes – bleat

Goats – bleat, baa

Hippopotamuses – bellow, rumble, roar, growl

Hogs – grunt

Horses – clop, neigh, snort, whinny

Hyenas – laugh, scream

Oxen – bellow, low

Parrots – talk, screech, squawk

Peacocks – scream

Swallows – twitter, squeal

Swans – cry

Zebras – neigh, whinny


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