Động vật – giống đực và giống cái …



Động vậtCat Giống đựcTom Giống cáiQueen Con conKitten
Dog Dog Bitch Puppy
Hamster Male Female Pup
Rabbit Buck Doe Kit/bunny
Rat / mouse/squirrel/ Buck Doe Kitten/pup
Parrot (birds in general) Cock Hen Chick
Spider Male Female Spiderling
Goldfish Male Female Fry
Snake Male Female Baby
Fox Dog-fox/reynard She-fox/vixen Cub
Hare Jack Jill Leveret
Hedgehog (nhim) Boar Sow Piglet
Dove/pigeon/robbin/rook/sparrow Cock Hen Squab
Duck Drake Hen Duckling
Goose Gander Goose Gosling
Owl Owl Jenny Owlet
Peafowl Peacock Peahen Peachick
Swan Cob pen signet
Bee Drone Queen Larva
Butterfly Male Female Caterpillar
dragonfly Nymphs
fly maggot
Salmon/ Trout Jack Hen Fry
Frog/toad Male Female Tadpole
Crab/ lobster Male Female Zoea
Snail Male Female Baby
Cattle Bull Cow Calf
Deer Stag Dow Fawn
Donkey Jack Jenny Colt
Goat Billy Nanny Kid
Horse Stallion Mare Foal
Pig Boar Sow Piglet
Sheep Ram Sheep Lamb
Chicken Cockerel Hen Chick

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